As Within, So Without

"As within so without" is The second Principle of Hermetic philosophy that I read about in the Kybalion. I think it has also been said in slightly different words such as "As above so below" ...

What it means is our experience of the outside world is full of clues about ourselves.

And likewise our inner experiences are full of clues about the world. All of these clues can be very useful to us if we acknowledge them. What is even better is that we can influence the outer world by changing our inner worlds and the other way around.

Receiving and Understanding the Messages

I was reminded of that "without is a reflection of within" a couple of weeks ago when I had a pretty interesting trip. I was going to Almeria in the south of Spain, traveling by car with 2 friends of mine as far as Madrid and then getting a night bus the rest of the way. Here is what happened.

First we found ourselves driving through huge amounts of snow in through the north of Spain and the windscreen wipers on my friend's car where old and not working that well. After driving very slowly for quite some time we decided to stop and buy some new windscreen wipers. Then the sun came out !

Next it got dark. And guess what. The lights on the war weren't working ! So we stopped and took a look under the car bonnet and I found a faulty connection in the headlight cables which we were able to fix with some pieces of string.

That is when I began to think wait a minute ! there is something going here". I tried to figure out what both these events had in common, and came up with the following pattern : lack of sight causes stress (followed by action brings a solution).

Then I asked myself "What is the message? What is it that these two events have to show me ?" and then I realized that I was living the same pattern within : I did not know if I would arrive in time to catch my bus, and I did not know my way around Madrid to find the bus station (lack of sight = lack of knowledge...) and this was making me stressed without me even realizing it (...causes stress). The outside world was being a mirror of what I was in that moment, as if to say "Hey look here, this is what is going on !".

The same can be done the other way around. When you are seeking understanding about something in the outer world, try and investigate how it appears in your inner experience, how you "picture it" in your mind. You may be surprised how well this can work ! For more info on this I suggest you read the book : "Use Your Brain For A Change" by Richard Brandler - and more specifically the chapter called "Confusion and Understanding".

Creating and Broadcasting

The outside world and our inner state(s) of consciousness are intimately related. By looking at either one, we can learn a lot of useful things about the other. And by changing one we can change (your experience of) the other.

So while it is helpful to be receptive it is also possible to go one step further and get creative.

From within to without

If you want to make a change in the outer world, try examining your inner experiences and finding things you can change that correspond to what you want in the outside world.

This may sound complicated but in truth is really easy. Just take what ever picture comes and change it in a way that is significant to you.

If you decide, trust and believe that the change is important and that it will affect the outer world, then it will. (That is why I called this website Twiwytii : The World Is What You Think It Is).

If your inner experience is one of Happiness, Solutions, and Success, then you will experience the outer world as a combination of Happiness, Solutions and Success as well.

So from now on, why wait? What ever you want, create the inner experience of having it. If you manage to really do so, you will get in the outer world too !

An amazing book I read recently about the power of belief and faith is the Divine Matrix by Gregg Bradden. I found it really inspiring !

From without to within

I also find it very useful to change the outside world in order to change my inner world. For example, doing the house work makes it easier for me to think in a clear and organized fashion.

For this reason, I often tidy up my room before important events, or when I am trying to remember lots of things.

When I was a student, I knew people who would systematically do all their house work the day before an exam. When talking to them about this habit they would tell me it was to help them "tidy up and organize their ideas".

Use your imagination !

Admittedly, it is more common for people to not be in contact with their inner power and to feel helpless, to give all their power to the outside world. I think it is important to remember that "As Within So Without" does not mean that things are created from within to without but also the other way around. It is a two-way interaction. Sometimes it can be useful one way and other times it can be very useful the other way around.

Every experience in life is an opportunity to learn.

When ever something unexpected happens to you, be it within or without, ask yourself : "What can I learn from this ?"



Reply #1 on : Thu July 08, 2010, 14:22:53
I completely agree with your articles. I had the same considerations with almost the same words. So this comment is just following what you wrote and it is connected with "As within so without".
I would suggest to start with the question "Who am I ?"    Well...I'm myself...??? Am I sure ? Can I feel I'm myself all the time , in every situation ? No...
And in fact I'm wondering if it is possible to feel myself all the time... "All the time" sounds impossible but "most of the time" why not.
So, when I'm peaceful, in a place I like, doing what I like and alone it is easy to feel myself. However, even that sort of situation doesn't happen every time I'm alone. And, what does happen when I'm not alone ?
If I'm with angry or sad people it often makes me feeling angry or sad. It happens for everybody I think. It's unconscious at first. And if we become conscious of this process it is not so easy to break it.
In a situation of anger we become angry against ourselves because we feel stupid and it is sometimes difficult to stop, to laugh and to say "let's stop, we are just losing time" (or something else like that).
In a situation of sadness it is worse because it is more difficult to smile and to be joyful in order to give some joy to the ones who are sad. Generally we feel stupid and we prefer to share the sadness with the others.
We can become the reflection of the others, of their feelings, in a given situation, and we don't feel completely ourselves any more.
And then, do we feel ourselves with everybody ? I don't think so.
I think each person we meet reflects a part of us. That's why we have different friends : we can find a part of ourselves in many different people. And we feel more or less ourselves with them. Because some people reflect more or less what there is deep within us. Or we can say, we are seeing in these people what makes us feeling ourselves.
When we get on well with people we find similarities with them. But when we don't seem we could get on well with some people it is not always because they are so different. We often see in them what we don't like in ourselves, what we would like to change.
Sometimes there is a kind of jealousy : we would like to change and we find it difficult and we meet someone who seem to do it easily. But it is just an appearance : if we can see he has done some improvements in his life that's because we are doing them in our life and in fact we are often very close to these people. Someone who wouldn't have tried to change (or whatever) probably wouldn't have noticed it.
It's the same for people we find great. If we can find them great that's because this part of greatness is within us. For example, some people can't find E.Tolle's books great... But if you like them you are probably close to him.
So, to deal with the question "is it possible to feel ourselves most of the time ?" I would suggest to stay conscious about all of this and more. With some people it is really easy, we have nothing to do and with others we have to be careful not to act against ouselves.
It's a big job, it takes a whole life and it's never ending. But I think it's cool. Enjoy.

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